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Our commitment to excellence means providing unparalleled customer service, accounts that perform better than our competitors and aligning goals so that both Do My Marketing and our clients can succeed. The most difficult decision you will make is starting with us. Sticking around is the easy part.
One of our core values is known as “Kaizen” or also known as meaning “constant improvement.” We believe you’re either growing or you’re dying and you need to constantly improve in order to stay in business and thrive. We bring this philosophy of business to everything we do including your advertising.

Who We Serve
We serve business owners, small businesses, entrepreneurs, experts and anyone who wants to generate more leads and more sales online in the most efficient and effective way possible.
We help you get in front of the “right people” using the most up to date and greatest advertising strategies. We stay on top of all the changes and all the latest and greatest advertising techniques.
Our mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses online using the most effective and efficient advertising strategies that are working today. Our mission is to help you grow your audience, generate more leads and convert more sales online.
Fred Yalmeh
Jorge Reanoso
Design & Branding
Bryan L.
Sales Executive Director of Sales
Nadia Mushlin
Rob Eslime 
Executive Account Management
Bob Freer
Director of Customer Service
We are here to help you
We are here to help you
About Us
Whether you are looking for an agency to run all of your Facebook Marketing or want to learn how to do Facebook Advertising yourself... we've got you covered.

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